Jimmy Naraine

#1 Bestselling Author, Udemy Partner, Mindvalley Author, Entrepreneur, and Top-Rated Speaker
#1 Bestselling Author
Fortune 500 Trainer
+500K Students
+80K Reviews
Award-winning & Bestselling Author, Corporate Trainer (Fortune 500), Entrepreneur, Udemy Partner (417K Students & 89K Top Ratings), Mindvalley Author & Nomadic for 10 years

Jimmy Naraine is a #1 Bestselling Author, Udemy Partner, Mindvalley Author, Entrepreneur, and Top-Rated Speaker with 500k students online & 80k reviews, and courses mentioned in Forbes, BusinessInsider & Entrepreneur.

He delivers training to Fortune 500 companies, incl Chemours and Westpac. After working for companies such as Goldman Sachs, he embarked on a mission to help millions of people overcome their limiting beliefs and live with confidence. Jimmy believes that life is an adventure. He is a polyglot who has visited 79 countries, exploring unconventional paths while running his business full-time and providing affordable education to his audience from 190 countries. What CEOs, top performers & celebrities say about Jimmy:

"Jimmy is authentic and inspiring, but most importantly, he is relevant to both 18 year olds and 60 year olds alike." - Mark Vergnano, Retired CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Chemours Company"

"Having had several extended conversations with Jimmy, as well as watching some of his online courses on productivity, I can say with full confidence that it is IMPOSSIBLE to not feel completely fired up and inspired after spending some time with his content. Thanks for all the inspiration Jimmy!!" - Harry Mack, Viral Hip Hop Artist with over 200 million views

“Jimmy is not just amazing at what he does, he is an amazing human being to begin with.” - Erwin Benedict Valencia, Director, Training & Conditioning, New York Knicks (NBA)

"Jimmy has helped me to take my business to the next level. He pushed me to adopt a sharper business mindset with an emphasis on taking bold action. I’m grateful for all the things he has been teaching me." - Helena Houdova - Humanitarian, Global Teacher & Miss Czech Republic

"When I was considering going on BBC show Dragon’s Den he convinced me to do it, which in turn took my company to the next level. Jimmy is a person I would recommend to run a powerful team training." - Alex Buzaianu, Serial Entrepreneur, Secured Dragon's Den Investment