Innovative Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition in your specific Target Audience.

Gain Access to over 160 university and alumni partnerships worldwide and connect with 100.000+ Students, Graduates, Juniors & Seniors. Present your company, opportunities & values and generate valuable data through branded sponsoring of Top E-Learning Courses.
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Reach Talents based on your criteria & preferences

  • Reach your specific Target Audience with extensive filters in our campaign creator
  • Access to Talents from over 160 University & Alumni Partnerships worldwide
  • Get your Employer Brand in front of the right Talents for effective Branding & Talent Acquisition

Gain valuable Insights & Data

  • Learn what’s actually important to your Target Audience in an employer and get real-world feedback on how to attract your ideal talents.
  • Select and Create individual Data Points and Topics to ensure relevant Insights.

Improve your Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Build on your CSR Efforts by sponsoring relevant High Quality Online Learning Courses for your target-audience.
  • Become part of the mission to make relevant education freely accessible for current and aspiring talents around the globe.

Sponsor High Quality Online Courses and get Branded

  • Accompany your Target Audience while learning new Skills & interactively place your Brand in the Course Contents.
  • Sponsor Courses from world renowned experts on Topics such as AI, Data Science, Communication, Excel and more.
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Connecting to your Target Talents with innovative and targeted Employer Branding made easy and practical.

Easy Employer Branding Process.

Employer Branding doesn’t have to be complicated... Strap in.

Create your
free Account
Kickstart your brand's journey on ELEVEL by registering for a free account. Simple, quick, and the first step towards unveiling your brand to a keen audience.
Craft and launch
your Campaign
Tailor your campaign with precision—select your desired audience by profession, region, and demographics. Embed your branding into the course assets and surveys, ensuring every element resonates with your company's identity.
Sponsor High-Impact Courses
Enhance your brand's influence by sponsoring premium courses, aligning with social responsibility while engaging directly with your target demographic.

“Our goal is to ultimately create a place where users can easily find exactly the right content in the blink of an eye. Together with our renowned instructors, we have put an end to the endless search for quality and impact.”

Max, Co-founder of ELEVEL

Access Insightful Analytics & Foster Relationships
Utilize our analytics dashboard to gather data, generate reports, and extract actionable branding insights to refine your outreach and engagement strategies.

“The Insights from ELEVEL have really helped us understand what is actually important to our target audience. This has allowed us to tailor our communication efforts much better and achieve better results.”

Sven, Head of HR & Employer Branding

Cultivate lasting connections with your target audience through continuous learning engagements, shaping a community that champions your brand.

In our work with FORMAXX we have already been able to directly connect the company with more than 3.500 Talents and thereby contributing to the brands awareness and attractivity as an employer in the target market Germany.

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In our work with workwise we have been able to connect the brand with more than 1500 Talents generating more than 100 applications and contributing to the brands standing.

Start bringing your Employer Brand into the Minds of your Target Audience today.
Revitalize your brand's appeal by showcasing its human side. Engage with us to infuse personality into your corporate presence, and let's elevate your brand together, making it not just seen, but felt—turning interest into loyalty.
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Brand Awareness & Placement

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