Pitching Ideas & Products

Heiko Schaible

57 Minutes
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Pitching Ideas & Products" is an essential course for entrepreneurs, innovators, and anyone looking to master the art of persuasion in the business world. This course begins with a foundational introduction that sets the stage for the complexities and nuances of effective pitching. You'll delve into the essentials of crafting pitches that not only capture attention but also convince and convert your audience. Whether you're preparing for a high-stakes investor meeting or looking to inspire your team with a new vision, "Pitching Ideas & Products" provides the strategies, techniques, and insights needed to pitch more effectively and persuasively.

Explore the Course Plan
Module 1: Introduction

Learn the art of persuasive pitching to captivate any audience, from investors to partners, with your ideas.

Module 2: The Essentials of Effective Pitching

Unlock the secrets to impactful pitching, whether for big stages or personal goals, with practical strategies to captivate and convince any audience.

Module 3: The Three Fundamental Laws of Persuasion

In Module 3, we delve into the essential tactics for effective persuasion in today's information-saturated world.

Module 4: The Pitch Canvas: Mastering the Art of Persuasion

In Module 4, we explore the foundational structure of effective pitching, applicable across various scenarios, from one-on-one conversations to investor pitches.

Module 5: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Pitching

Module 5 delves into the intricacies of the Pitch Canvas, a structured tool that ensures you cover all vital aspects of your pitch.

Module 6: The Effective Pitch Structure

In Module 6, we delve into the art of crafting a compelling pitch by simplifying complex ideas into an accessible format.

Module 7: Investor Pitch Structure

In this module, we delve into the structure of an investor pitch, which is similar to other types of pitches in terms of opening, problem, solution, support, and follow-up.

Module 8: The Art of Demonstration in Pitches

The module illustrates the concept using the historical example of Eliah Otis, who dramatically demonstrated the safety of his elevators by cutting the supporting rope in a public demonstration.

Module 9: Clarity and Strength in Communication

This module teaches techniques to enhance clarity and impact in communication. It begins with a reflection on how complex ideas can be simplified and effectively communicated, drawing an analogy with a teacher explaining a concept in class.

Module 10: Engaging Audience through Emotional Storytelling

In this module, the focus is on engaging an audience effectively through emotional storytelling, similar to how a captivating movie holds our attention.

Module 11: Presenting Your Pitch Convincingly

In this module, the emphasis is on how to present your designed pitch effectively, as the persuasiveness of a pitch depends not only on the idea itself but also on the presenter.

Module 12: Adapting Your Pitch

This module focuses on how to tailor your pitch to fit the specific audience or situation you are facing.

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