Photo Editing with Photoshop

Chris Barin

54 Minutes
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Unlock the creative potential of Adobe Photoshop with our comprehensive Photoshop Essentials Course. This immersive series of modules will take you on a journey from Photoshop novice to proficient image editor. Whether you're a graphic designer, photographer, or just someone looking to enhance your image editing skills, this course covers everything from the basics of the interface to advanced techniques like neural filters and background replacement.

With hands-on guidance, you'll learn how to navigate the Photoshop interface, work with layers, manipulate text, and harness powerful tools like generative fill and clipping masks. By the end of the course, you'll have the knowledge and skills to tackle a wide range of image editing projects with confidence. Join us today and embark on your creative journey with Adobe Photoshop!

Explore the Course Plan
Module 1: Intro

Kickstart your Photoshop journey with an introduction to the world of image editing, exploring the core concepts and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop.

Module 2: Exploring the Interface & Layers

Navigate through Photoshop's user interface and dive deep into working with layers, a fundamental aspect of image editing and manipulation.

Module 3: Opening & Saving Images and Projects

Learn the ins and outs of opening and saving images and projects in Photoshop, ensuring you can efficiently manage your creative work.

Module 4: Generative Fill

Discover the creative potential of generative fill techniques in Photoshop, allowing you to generate visually stunning patterns and textures effortlessly.

Module 5: Resize & Clipping Masks

Master the art of resizing images and applying clipping masks for precise control over the visual elements in your designs.

Module 6: Working with Text

Explore the powerful text editing and formatting tools in Photoshop, enabling you to add impactful text elements to your projects.

Module 7: Selections

Learn how to make precise selections in Photoshop, a critical skill for isolating and editing specific areas within your images.

Module 8: Neural Filters

Delve into the world of AI-powered image editing with Photoshop's neural filters, opening up endless possibilities for creative enhancements.

Module 9: Replacing Backgrounds

Uncover the secrets to seamlessly replacing backgrounds in your images, transforming your visuals with ease and precision.

Module 10: Course Outro

Wrapping up what we have learned in this Course.

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