Object Detection and Tracking with YOLOv8

Nicolai Nielsen

43 Minutes
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"Object Detection and Tracking with YOLOv8" is an advanced course meticulously designed to equip you with the cutting-edge skills required for mastering object detection and tracking using the latest iteration of the YOLO algorithm, YOLOv8. This course begins with a comprehensive introduction to the core concepts of object detection and tracking, setting a solid foundation for the complex topics ahead. Designed for those with a passion for AI and computer vision, this course requires a foundational understanding of machine learning principles but promises to take you on a deep dive into the practical and theoretical aspects of implementing YOLOv8 for object detection and tracking.

Explore the Course Plan
Module 1: Introduction to Object Detection and Tracking with YOLOv8

This module serves as an introduction to object detection and tracking using YOLOv8.

Module 2: Object Tracking with SORT Algorithm

This module delves into object tracking, building upon the foundations of object detection covered in the previous module.

Module 3: Generating and Preparing a Dataset for Object Detection

This module transitions into the practical aspect of object detection and tracking.

Module 4: Training a Custom Object Detection Model with YOLOv8

This module delves into the practical steps of training a custom object detection model using YOLOv8 in a Google Colab notebook.

Module 5: Running Inference and Applying Object Tracking

This module demonstrates how to run inference on a video using a custom-trained object detection model.

Module 6: Implementing Object Tracking with Trained Model

This module focuses on integrating object tracking with the previously trained object detection model.

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