Introduction to HTML & CSS

Noel Lang

56 Minutes
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Introduction to HTML & CSS" is an immersive course designed to guide beginners through the foundational elements of web development. This course offers a deep dive into the world of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), the cornerstone technologies for creating and designing web pages. The course culminates with Building Your First Personal Website in Module 8, a project-based module where you'll apply everything you've learned to create a personal website from scratch. This practical experience solidifies your understanding of HTML and CSS and showcases your newfound web development skills.

Explore the Course Plan
Module 1: Introduction to HTML and CSS

Kickstart your journey into web development by learning the basics of HTML and CSS. Understand how to structure web pages using HTML tags and enhance their appearance with CSS. This module covers creating a simple webpage layout and the importance of the Document Object Model (DOM).

Module 2: Exploring HTML Elements and Structures

Dive into the variety of HTML elements and structures, from basic text formatting and links to creating ordered and unordered lists. Learn how these elements work together to structure web content effectively.

Module 3: Advanced HTML Elements and their Impact

Delve into the usage of advanced HTML elements like images, tables, and semantic tags, and understand how they contribute to the structure and design of a web page. Learn the distinction between inline and block elements and their roles in styling and layout.

Module 4: Introduction to CSS for Styling Web Pages

Learn the fundamentals of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and how it is used to enhance the appearance and layout of web pages. Understand how to apply styles directly within HTML elements using the style attribute, and explore basic CSS properties such as color and font-size to customize text and backgrounds. Gain insights into the separation of content (HTML) and design (CSS) for a more efficient and manageable web development process.

Module 5: External CSS for Unified Web Design

Dive into the advanced method of applying CSS by externalizing style sheets. Learn how to create a separate .css file to maintain consistent styling across multiple web pages. Discover the use of the <link> tag within the <head> section of an HTML document to reference external CSS files.

Module 6: Mastering CSS Selectors and Styling Techniques

Unveil the power of CSS selectors and dive into the world of web design customization. Learn how to use class and ID selectors to apply unique styles to HTML elements, making your web pages stand out.

Module 7: Exploring the CSS Box Model

Dive into the essentials of the CSS Box Model, a fundamental concept for web developers and designers.

Module 8: Building Your First Personal Website

In this final module, we embark on creating our own personal website using HTML and CSS.

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