Introduction to Confluence

Robert Hean

48 Minutes
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In this Course, Robert Hean will teach you about the Basics of Confluence. Robert is a seasoned project management professional with more than 16 years of professional experience in the space. He has manged and conducted more than 50 project at Fortune 500 companies before founding his own confluence consultancy, Hean Labs. Dive in and learn from the best!

Explore the Course Plan
Module 1: Introduction to Confluence

Learn the fundamentals of Confluence, its purpose, and how it can benefit your team's collaboration and documentation needs.

Module 2: Concepts

Explore key concepts and principles underlying Confluence, including spaces, pages, and permissions, to better understand its structure and functionality.

Module 3: Navigation

Master the art of navigating through Confluence's interface and finding the information you need efficiently.

Module 4: Creating and Editing Pages

Discover how to create and edit pages in Confluence, allowing you to contribute to your team's shared knowledge base effectively.

Module 5: Collaboration

Learn how Confluence facilitates team collaboration, including commenting, sharing, and collaborating on content within the platform.

Module 6: Templates

Explore the use of templates in Confluence to streamline content creation and ensure consistency across your documentation.

Module 7: Apps and Integrations

Explore the various apps and integrations available in Confluence to enhance its functionality and tailor it to your team's specific needs.

Module 8: Other Considerations

Cover additional aspects and best practices for using Confluence effectively, including customization, permissions management, and best practices for a successful Confluence implementation.

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