Data Analytics with Excel

Ali Vaezi

69 Minutes
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"Data Analytics with Excel" is an in-depth course designed to equip you with the essential skills to harness the full potential of Excel for data analytics. Starting with an introduction to the basics, this course guides you through navigating your learning journey with Excel, ensuring a solid foundation. From mastering the initial steps of getting started with Excel to understanding the intricacies of the Ribbon interface, you're set on a path of discovery. Whether you're aiming to improve your job prospects, boost your analytical skills, or make data-driven decisions, this course offers the tools and knowledge to achieve your goals.

Explore the Course Plan
Module 1: Introduction

Kickstart your data analysis journey with Excel, learning its environment, automation, functions, and statistical analysis for professional visualization.

Module 2: Navigating Your Excel Learning Journey

Discover the 5-step data analysis cycle, from collection to reporting, and tailor your learning path with our engaging, practice-focused lessons.

Module 3: Getting Started with Excel

This module introduces Excel, including how to launch it and create a new workbook. It covers basic navigation, understanding cells, rows, columns, and the significance of each cell having a unique name.

Module 4: The Ribbon in Excel

Explores the Ribbon interface in Excel, focusing on its role in data analysis. It covers essential tabs like Home, Insert, and Data, and their functions like sorting, filtering, and using pivot tables.

Module 5: Importing Data from the Web

Teaches how to import data from external sources like the web into Excel. It includes instructions for both Windows and Mac users on how to import data efficiently.

Module 6: Pivot Tables for Data Analysis

Focuses on creating and customizing pivot tables. It covers organizing data in pivot tables and using them for detailed data analysis and visualization.

Module 7: Data Cleaning Techniques

Covers techniques for cleaning data in Excel. It includes removing formatting, adjusting cell sizes, and using functions like TRIM and PROPER to refine data.

Module 8: Advanced Data Cleaning

Continues with data cleaning, focusing on advanced functions and techniques. It includes splitting and merging data, finding duplicates, and handling blanks

Module 9: Conditional Formatting

Teaches how to use conditional formatting in Excel to highlight important data. It covers different types of conditional formats like data bars, color scales, and icon sets

Module 10: Summing and Averaging with Conditions

Explores functions like SUMIFS and AVERAGEIFS for conditional summing and averaging. It demonstrates how to use these functions for more targeted data analysis.

Module 11: Basic Mathematical Operations

Focuses on basic mathematical operations in Excel, including summing, subtracting, and averaging. It also covers the COUNT function for tallying data points.

Module 12: Finding Data with XLOOKUP

Introduces the XLOOKUP function for searching data in Excel. It compares XLOOKUP with VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP and covers various search modes

Module 13: Charting and Graphs in Excel

Covers creating and customizing charts and graphs in Excel. It includes choosing the right type of chart for data presentation and customizing charts for clarity and visual appeal

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